Children Photography: TIP of the Day


Shooting young children can be very unpredictable, they are always on the MOVE.  I love taking pictures of young children, but I had to figure out how to keep they’re attention.

Through my experiences I have come up with a few techniques that have made my sessions a million times more productive. There have been too many times where I have missed great shots trying to pose or position. You have to let them be themselves and have fun, get down on their level. Keep their attention, shoot quick, and always be playful and smile. I have found that children aren’t always fond of strangers, try to befriend them and gain their trust. Through out the shoot stop and take a moment to show them what you are doing. Showing them pictures of themselves can sometimes help them be less afraid of the camera. Get somebody they know involved (i.e. Parent, older sibling, grand parent, etc.).  This will help them relax and break out of their shell and make them forget about the camera.

To break it down, here are the main points:

  •  Keep they’re attention, and shoot quick
  • Smile, have fun, be playful, and friendly.
  • Let children be children, let them play. They’ll forget about the camera, and the result will be priceless.
  • Get someone they know involved (i.e. parent, older sibling, grand parent, etc.).

These are a few tips that helped me, hopefully they can help you.

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Lilly being Lilly

Kelly Taylor